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Web Portal/ Intranet sites Development

Project Description:

Web Development

At SKSoft, we coonstantly change our means to streamline the business operations and improve the inter-business interaction. We constantly upgrade the technology and tools used to gain a higher edge.

The intranet used inside a company is one of the most powerful tools to engage the employees of the company and make them feel connected. This is an essential ingredient of a successful organisation. Various details about the company’s policies and procedures are shared with each employee through this portal.

SKSoft specialises in designing customised intranet web designing portals. These portals are designed in such a way to track the individual portfolios of each employee and thus keep in track of every employee’s individual logs/activities. This is another way to easily update the individual progress. Such an intranet web design should essentially consist of individual web applications, combined together. Each of these applications can be tailor made to suit various essential fronts of the company.

As an additional value add, SKSoft designed intranet sites also have an inter-office social media. We also design the intranet in a way to have healthy forums amongst the employees and make them aware of various activities going around the organisation. This creates a positive environment for the employees to share their ideas/concerns and also makes them feel heard.

The special feature of a web portal is building community, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Display Advertising of registered users who use the portal business services on a regular basis. This promotes communication system, and provides automated business process.

Communication System
Effective management of communication system for a web portal is the primary functionality.

It Covers :
A complete content management system
Document management and digital media management
User management that involves user (login/registration) panel for members and admin panel for managing, trackingreporting and analyzing user behaviors

Collaborating other forms of communication such as reviews, surveys, polls, blogs, forums, web conferencing and others
Business Process Automation
Customer relationship management, Workflow management, Accounts management and Human resource management, for smooth running of business is another vital business functionality that can be achieved through a web portal.

A custom built web portal design delivers you a comprehensive solution for your business.