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Inventory Web Development

Project Description:

Web Development

SKSoft assures accurate inventory management system, that acts as a backbone of successful running of any production/business organisation. Inventory web development helps in maintaining a complete track over the warehousing needs. Inventory web site also helps in maintaining different price levels for retailers, wholesalers, customers and for online sales. It also helps in customizing the contact information of suppliers and customers.

SKSoft provides you with an excellent inventory web design which makes maintenance tasks a cake walk. A simple inventory control system is helpful in maintaining products, suppliers and customers.

Stock Management is all about

  • Chain store stock management
  • Return management
  • Damage Management

Inventory control system helps in monitoring the information and customizing the stock for:-

  • Cancelled order management
  • Pending order management
  • Check on products sold to customers
  • Check on purchases
  • Stock taking / handling of purchase / sales becomes easy
  • Database of customers can be stored easily
  • Check on import and Exports

The Features of Inventory are

Inventory is an innovative solution to your business management. If you excel in inventory management you can customize the whole process within very limited time and maintain statistics at your finger tips.