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Industrial Web Development

Project Description:

Web Development

Why choose  SKSoft for industrial web development?
The primary factor is that a first class industry web site gives an exposure to your business. It leaves a higher impact on the clients. An industrial web development process is complex.  SKSoft Industry web design consist of Customized sections and is user friendly.

Essential components of an industrial web site

  • Home page
  • About us
  • Services / products
  • Benefits
  • Gallery
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ’s
  • Link / Resources
  • Special site functionalities like
    i) Downloadable PDF files
    ii) Videos
    iii) Micro Website
    iv) Online catalogues
    v) Product presentations
  • Foreign language content
  • Customer’s list
  • Dealer Management

Industry website conveys required information to the customers and users of the website. It delivers the essence of your business. Industrial web design, if designed effectively, can make sales, that otherwise wouldn’t have been obtained.

Requirements of Industrial Web Design

  • Should load quickly
  • Easily navigable web site design
  • Must drive traffic & generate sales
  • Should be able to provide necessary information to the visitor of the web site
  • Industrial website must be able to provide detailed information about the product and services
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Chemical plants
  • Food manufacturers
  • Engineers
  • Construction Industry
  • Agricultural/food/mining/foundry services
  • Architectural Industry
  • Dealers
  • Contractors / Manufacturers