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Charity/NPO Web Development

Project Description:

Web Development

SKSoft Web Design solutions are very beneficial to charitable / non-profit organizations.   SKSoft  professional web development helps in presenting your goals and motives among the public.

Benefits of Charity Web design

  • You can increase the number of donations.
  • You can publicize events and fundraisers.
  • You can get volunteers to work for your cause.
  • You can gain online sponsorships and donations.


Features of Charity Website
Content Management System(CMS)
A good content management system is very essential. The content of the charity web site should be able to reach out to all those good hearts and souls out there.

Video / Audio / Photos
Highlighting the activities of the charitable institution through videos and other Medias such as Audio is vital. Photo gallery and album images of various activities performed by the charity add value to the website.

Admin Panel and Program Management
Admin panel for effective management of several activities and program Management helps you to set up perfect solutions for your charity website.

Donation Management
Donation or fund raising is very important component of any charity. A professionally designed website with good donation buttons helps in ascertaining these goals.

The requirement of every charity website is different. Charity web development is all about determining the best functionality for your charity Website